Things Your Boss WANTS to Hear!

Things Your Boss WANTS to Hear

By:  Joel Friedman

Previously, I have discussed the “Things that Your Boss Doesn’t Want to Hear”.  So keeping in the spirit of this theme, I want to take an opportunity to review my list of Things Your Boss WANTS to Hear.  So here goes:

I Got This!

At any point in time, your boss is probably feeling like he/she is juggling more tasks that can possibly handled by a single person.  This statement delivered to your leader is not only a display of confidence in your ability, it also serves as a passive acknowledgement that you understand what your boss is going through and you are here to assist.

Let Me Do That!

This statement is music to your boss’s ears.  One of the most challenging activities that your boss has to do is distribute the work.   Your boss is looking to build a high performing team that is equipped with people that are willing and able to step up and volunteer to take tasks without having to be goaded into it.  You will be amazed at how powerful this statement is.

Thank You!

Believe it or not, your boss is a person and has similar emotional needs as you have.   Boss’s have a need to feel appreciated.  A significant portion of their job should be to clear the barriers for their team.  This entails engaging in conflict management, building consensus and many times making difficult decisions that will not make everybody happy.  So when your boss does something that makes your life easier, you should acknowledge it.

It’s Handled

This statement is an immediate stress reliever for your leader.  You probably add a couple of days to his life each time this statement is made.

I Have a Plan

Making this statement displays that you are taking charge of your issues and he/she has one less thing that they need to worry about.

Good News

Everybody loves good news.  And let’s be honest, if the only time you communicate with your boss is when you have bad news, you will soon become an energy drainer and the poster child for negativity.  So when you have good news, be sure to share it!

No Problem

This means that there is one less issue that your leader has to deal with.  It also displays your can do attitude and willingness to step up and eliminate barriers on your own.

I Have an Idea that I Want to Run by You

This statement serves 2 purposes.  Not only does the fact that you are enthused, engaged, and creative, it also displays that you value your boss’s opinion and appreciate his/her guidance.display your creativity and appreciate his/her guidance.

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